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'It is possible to be Muslim and a lesbian'

With their friendly, outgoing personalities and love for human contact, lemurs make the perfect yoga buddies, helping people to laugh, unwind and stretch away their troubles. Fire fighters attend to two police cars that were destroyed after being set on fire outside Goldthorpe police station in South Yorkshire in a suspected arson attack. Forensics teams work at the scene of a stabbing in Edmonton in London. Four people have been stabbed in a spate of knife attacks in the north of the capital over the weekend.

Workers from the Honda plant in Swindon during a protest march through the town as the car giant will be urged to reverse its decision to close its UK plant. British Prime Minister Theresa May will today chair a potentially volatile meeting of her cabinet amid reports of an attempted coup by colleagues over her handling of Brexit.

Workers peeling off stickers left on the Cabinet Office door on Whitehall, London, left by anti-Brexit campaigners after they took part in the People's Vote March.

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Thousands of protesters gathered for the march from Park Lane to Parliament Square calling for a public vote on the Governments final Brexit deal. The mosque and community centre on Albert Road in Birmingham where a police forensic team are at work after it had its windows smashed with a sledgehammer.

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An investigation involving counter-terrorism officers has been launched after four mosques in the Birmingham area were attacked overnight. The 'tall ship' William II passes a wind turbine as it sails along the north east coast near Whitley Bay in Tyne and Wear after it set off from Blyth in Northumberland on a voyage round the coastline of Great Britain calling at 10 ports en route and changing crews at each stage. The Blyth Tall Ship project is a charity working alongside Blyth community volunteers to recapture the spirit of adventure that was employed in the town to discover the Antarctic years ago and the turbine is part of a pilot field operated by EDF off Blyth which uses concrete float-and-submerge foundations.

Messenger, the largest bronze cast sculpture in the UK, arrives in Plymouth Sound by barge as it makes its way to be installed outside Theater Royal Plymouth, Devon. Flooding in Silsdend, Yorkshire. Heavy rain has caused widespread flooding across the country. Flood warnings remain in place across the UK. Police at the scene in Fulham, west London where a year-old man was stabbed to death this morning.

The Metropolitan Police said it was called "to reports of a fight in progress" by ambulance crews and arrived on the scene at about The victim was found with stab wounds and died at the scene at Schoolchildren gather around Queen Victoria Memorial at Buckingham Palace as they take part in a student climate protest in London. Thousands of pupils from schools, colleges and universities across the UK will walk out in the second major strike against climate change this year.

Young people nationwide are calling on the Government to declare a climate emergency and take action. Similar strikes are taking place around the world today including in Japan and Australia, inspired by year-old Greta Thunberg who criticised world leaders at a United Nations climate conference. The Public Prosecution Service announced only one former British soldier is to be put on trial in connection with his role in the shootings that left 13 people dead in Derry on 30 January Families of those killed gathered outside The Museum of Free Derry, yards from where the killings took place, before marching to the city centre hotel to hear the announcement Charles McQuillan.

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Khalil realised he was gay at It was , and he was living on a council estate in West London with his parents and two sisters, who. So my question is to all the gays out there really would you date a Muslim gay guy or would you just see it as problematic? If so why? I'm Muslim and gay.

He announced he was slashing the UK growth forecast and warned no-deal Brexit will destroy pledge to end austerity. The campaign for the Big Bang competition, which is the largest celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths Stem for young people in the UK has been created to help highlight how the eight million tonnes of plastic dumped in the world's oceans every year affects marine life. Protesters from the climate change pressure group Extinction Rebellion demonstrate by pouring fake blood onto the street outside Downing Street in London. A woman runs with her Komondor dog as it is judged in a show ring on the second day of the Crufts dog show at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

Scaffolding which has blown down in strong winds in Hampstead, north London. Police and bomb disposal services outside the University of Glasgow after the building was evacuated when a suspect package was found in the mailroom. Police officers secure the scene where a suspicious package was found near Waterloo railway station.

click here Other packages were also found at Heathrow Airport and London City Airport, with the police saying they were bombs. Counterterror officers are investigating the three devices as linked following a series of evacuations.

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One of the packages opened by office staff at Heathrow Airport burst into flames. Scotland Yard did not rule out the existence of other bombs. Large waves crash over the sea walls at Cleveleys near Blackpool, as the remains of Storm Freya, which has battered Britain with gales, heavy rain and snow causes widespread travel disruption.

Police officers search near the scene on St Neot's Road in Harold Hill, east London following the fatal stabbing of a year-old girl on Friday night. Police were called to reports of a knife attack in the Romford area by the ambulance service at 9. The girl was pronounced dead at the scene just over an hour later. Her next of kin have been informed and detectives from the Metropolitan Police have launched a murder investigation. A painting, believed to be the second version of "Judith Beheading Holofernes" by Italian artist Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, is picutred during a photocall in London following its restoration.

Dozens of firefighters worked through the night to battle a major moorland blaze in West Yorkshire. More than 1.

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Nobby the polar bear cools down at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park during unseasonably warm weather. The park was covered in a blanket of snow at the end of February as the UK was hit by sub-zero temperatures.

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Forecasters have said that after this weekend's warm weather, temperatures later this week should return to normal. Olivia Colman won the best actress in a leading role award for 'The Favourite' at the 91st Academy Awards in Hollywood. A girl takes a photo of her dog with daffodils in St James's Park in London. Police officer accepts marriage proposal on Pride route.

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Nature versus Nurture

Dunstanburgh Castle is a 14th-century fortification on the coast of Northumberland in northern England, between the villages of Craster and Embleton. Please enter a valid password. It was , and he was living on a council estate in West London with his parents and two sisters, who originally came from Pakistan. The list of prohibitions is long: Lionel Shriver.

Thanks for subscribing! Vote Are you sure you want to submit this vote? Submit vote Cancel. My father kept making all these jokes about us getting married… and I knew he was joking, but I was trying not to cringe. Seven years later, Khalil got married to the same woman, and they currently live in a well-to-do suburb of London along with their two children.

The Kingdom in the Closet

When we meet near his office, Khalil who has, along with the other interviewees in this article, asked for BuzzFeed News to use a pseudonym is dressed in a pristine pinstriped business suit, and sports a medium-sized, perfectly trimmed beard. He greets me with a firm handshake — "Salaamwualaikum" — and apologises for being late, telling me that he needed to pray first. Adnan, is tall, skinny and dressed in a plain suit.

He's been married for just under two years, having had a ceremony arranged by his parents. Mohammed, who is short but well built, is dressed in the traditional Islamic thoba — a garment he says he usually wears in public. The men head to an Italian restaurant in central London.

Khalil booked a corner table weeks in advance: Adnan, relaxed in his chair, laughs with him, while Mohammed, who shows some nervousness, hunches over his phone. After a small amount of short talk over olives, in which they talk about their jobs — and, more importantly, last week's football matches — Khalil asks how Adnan and Mohammed have been "managing" since the last dinner. Although the men acknowledge they have same-sex inclinations, they are reluctant to identify themselves as "gay". However, they say that as Muslims who are "devout", they have dedicated themselves to strengthening their imaan [religious belief] in an attempt to overcome them.

In some British Muslim communities, homosexuality can be a controversial issue: He emphasised that the same view was held in most world religions, including Christianity and Judaism. Others imams, such as Ghulam Rasool of Leicester central mosque, said that Islam did not make a direct reference to homosexuality, but instead prohibited areas of sexual activity deemed impermissible, such as anal sex.

He adds that the regulations apply to everyone, including those in heterosexual relationships. He added: Although this was unintentional, the injuries nevertheless are present. As it relates to my relationship with women, I never had an interest in women sexually. No matter what, I have never felt sexual arousal towards women. Although I had a great relationship with my mother, my older half-sister who I did not meet until I was 40 years old and my full sister who is eight years my junior, but also one of my best friends from high school who married my other best friend is a woman.

As an adult, I collaborate with women professionally. In other words, women are around me and in my life and occupy great spaces in my heart. A woman will never have to fear that I will hit on her, sexually harass her, or even rape her. Additionally, when we look at older adults who seek to marry but were beyond the age of bearing children, our society does not demand from them that they create children. Therefore, these individuals are promoting a social myth and not an actual truth concerning procreation. In Surah It discusses the different tongues and colors of humanity. Of course, this speaks to the exterior aspect because people speak different languages and different ethnicities and skin tones.

Thus, we can see how our Creator has billions of people on the planet, and each of us can be uniquely different. It seems very logical that it would be other men. Additionally, the logic would also mean that those men would be attracted to other men. It is not rocket science. We also know from logic that the same applies to women i. Finally, in Although this statement may be confusing for some because of that ending reference to male and female slaves, it is not difficult to understand what it references.

The verse speaks to avoiding relationships with married people.