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Joseph's hos- pital has been expanded until it is now the largest hospital in the middle western states. It has grown from the original building which housed one hundred peo- ple to the present structure which cares for over four hundred patients. John A. Creighton, made a similar bequest to further the work of the institution. As a result of these donations, the hospital was able to erect a building which would house two hundred persons. This building was completed in In , the capacity was doubled and one wing was set aside for the development of a complete system of operating rooms and a teaching clinic For the care of nervous and mental disorders, the annex was completed in 3 and now is one of the best equipped systems of its kind.

The nurses home was also established in It accomodates one hundred and fifty nurses, offering parlors, lecture rooms and a gymnasium for their use. Realizing the need of university training for nurses, the School of Nursing of St. Joseph's hospital became affiliated with Creighton university in February, , thus making the combined resources of both the hospital and the university available to the student nurses. Certificates are given after completing the required three-year course. Catherine Nash, enabled the Sisters of Mercy to establish a hospital in Omaha in At first, the hospital was de- voted solely to the care of women and children, but due to the lack of demand for specialization in the maternity hos- pital, the institution was changed to a general hospital and named Saint Cath- erine's hospital.


Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 59 2 , e To those who knew the various ways of swimming but wished to perfect their stroke, Mrs. For more information, please contact: Rochford, C. It promises to be a beautiful tour through the three Belgian regions.

A new wing was added in 19H to meet the increasing demand for greater space and added equipment. This building, which added more housing room and more modern equipment to the hospital, brought it into prominence as one of the best equip- ped hospitals in the middle west.

Nine years after the completion of the first wing further construction was under- taken.

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One year after the main structure was completed a new addition was built, known as the Nurses Home. Affiliation with the Creighton university was brought about by an agreement between Mother M.

Leo, director of nurses, and the Rev. William Agnew, S.

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The agreement, which was due to the realization of the need of uni- versity training for nurses, became effective in January, The combined resources of both the hospital and the university were then available and student nurses have since been matriculated by the university. With the completion of the required three-year course of training a Certificate of Nursing is granted. The hos- pital, which is in Council Bluffs, Iowa, is considered an integral part of the school of medicine and affords students excellent opportunities for clinical research and observa- tion of actual cases in hospital routine.

The hospital is a thoroughly modern institution with the complexity of departments characteristic of the advance and development of modern medicine. The various depart- ments are directed by staff specialists and sisters who are registered nurses. Saint Bernard's Hospital Pounded for the treatment of nervous and mental disorders through the most modern and approved methods, St. Bernard's hospital seeks to command the pro- fessional respect and confidence of physicians and others who may seek its aid in early recognition, interpretation and treatment of mental disorders.

The organization is modern in its conception and practical application, giving the patient the advantage of the co-related service of a consulting staff selected from the most competent men in their respective specialties, an active staff experienced in Neur- ology and Psychiatry, and a nursing organization particularly trained and organized for this specialized type of work.

From thirteen clubs existing in 3, the total in- creased to twenty-eight in One of the most im- portant features of this increase was the formation of an Omaha club, which is an important link in the chain of Bluejay organizations, since Omaha is the seat of the University and the home of its greatest number of alumni. An alumni dinner, to welcome Marchmont Schwartz, Creighton's new coach, was one of the outstanding features of the program spon- sored by the Omaha club.

The banquet, given at the Omaha Chamber of Commerce March 12, was attended by the largest crowd ever to greet a faculty member at Creigh- ton. Schwartz was given an official welcome to the city by Mayor Roy N. Towl and the Rev. Bible, head football coach and athletic director at the University of Nebraska, and Joseph Boland, line coach at Notre Dame, were among the main speakers.

Other clubs which were formed during the past year are: Black Hills, S. Besides the increase in the number of alumni chapters, the the Alumni Association had the largest registration in Creighton's history at the annual Homecoming, held Octo- ber A unique feature of the Homecoming game was a between-the-halves stunt pre- sented by the Black Hills club. A student from South Dakota played the role of a Black Hills prospector, with his donkey and pick-axe, while samples of gold ore from the "Holy Terror" mine were distributed among the crowd by members of the club.

Shanahan Donald J. Burke Leo J. Reynolds Gerald Dugan 46 V. Each spring, the alumni sponsor the annual Uni- versity-Alumni Spring Convocation at which all gradu- ating seniors are formally received into the association. The seniors are thus given an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the purpose of the organization and the necessity of their membership in the Alumni As- sociation.

The purpose of the alumni organization is to pro- mote fellowship and cooperation among the alumni of the various departments, to increase the influence of the University and aid it in its development, insofar as it is in their power. To accom- plish these ambitions, the association sponsors the Creighton Alumni Loyalty fund, through which the alumni support the official magazine, The Creighton Ahitnnus; the annual Homecoming; the Spring Convocation; the University of the Air, and a year-round program of social functions, at which the alumni meet on the common ground of friend- ship to strengthen the bonds of fellowship which unite them.

The council holds bi- monthly meetings in the general alumni office in the law school with special meetings being called when the need arises. The governing body of the organization is the Creighton Alumni Council, which consists of a president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer, and two representatives from each of the seven departments of the University. The members of the council for this year are: William L. Sucha, MD '08, president; Victor J. Shanahan, AB '17; Leo J. Reynolds, BSC '32; J. Fitzgerald, Jr. Maloney, MD '28; Louis O. Mather, PhG '2 8; Donald J. Dugan, BSC '33; H.

Cash, PhG '2 8. The secretary-treasurer, who is an appointed officer, has charge of the general alumni Dr. Schall Dr. Mlrchant J. Harry Welch 47 Frank E. Pelllcrin Secretary otiicc in Room of the Law building where the work of the association is carried on.

The magazine also offers President Mahan and the president of the council a means of acquainting the alumni with the administrative policies of the University as a whole. Much of the credit for alumni development can be given to the general alumni office and the alumni council for their efforts in keeping the alumni, and the world in general, conscious of Crcighton activity.

Though alumnae of the affiliated departments of Creighton university have been mem- bers of the association for several years, they were never represented on the general council until this spring.

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At the February meeting of the council it was voted to include the af- filiated departments on the general council and alumnae of the College of St. Mary, St. Joseph's hospital and St. Catherine's hospital each elected two representatives. The newly chosen council members include. Miss Edith M.

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Casey, and Miss Celestine Kernan of St. Catherine's hospital. Joseph's hospital. A new wave in alumni enthusiasm and activity, surpassing any demonstrations in evidence during Creighton's history, became apparent with the announcement of the new deal in athletics and the signing of Marchmont Schwartz of Notre Dame at head coach of the Bluejay football team. Alumni officials, heartened by this new spirit are looking for- ward to the biggest alumni year in the history of Creighton during 5 and Maloney Dr.

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McNamara L. Mather John D. HE Crkighton Univer- sirv Publicity department is one of the most important units of the university because it is maintained to inform the public of Creighton's activities along educational, cultural, religious, civic and athletic lines. One of the most important constru- tive steps taken by Creighton during the past few years was undertaken this year, largely through the efforts of the publi- city director.

A Speaker's Bureau, made up of forty-one prominent members of the faculty, was established and a prospectus of the speakers and the titles of their many speeches was published by the department. At the present time, Creighton speakers are addressing audiences throughout Omaha and the middlewest on a wide variety of edu- cational topics. The department also promotes an extensive student enrollment campaign during the summer months.

Three separate mailing pieces were sent out to over , prospective students last summer, resulting in an increased student enrollment last fall, in spite of the drouth and world-wide depression in educational and financial circles. To completely cover the field of Creighton's activities, the department serves regularly more than eight hundred daily and weekly newspapers, scattered throughout the nation.

General news stories, sport stories, and feature stories of educational value are sent to these newspapers, which are classified in mailing lists according to the type of news acceptable to each. The national convention of the American College Publicity Association will be held in Omaha this summer with the Creighton staff acting as hosts to the representatives. Frank E. The organization unites the student body and seeks to mould them more closely to the Creighton ideals and tradition.

The organization, which includes every male stu- dent of the university, is able to bring greater concerted action to bear upon the proper management of student affairs than the students would be able to do as indi- viduals.

The activities of the union are controlled by a faculty moderator, a Union mana- ger and a Union Board of Governors. The members of the Board of Governors are elected by the student body for a two-year term, two members being elected to represent each of the seven major units of the university. Because they serve for two years, the representa- tives are not only figuratively representative of the students but they also take an active part in controlling student activities. Arrangement for full or part-time employment for students is another function of the Union.

An employment bureau is main- tained through which work is obtained for over two hundred men. A canvass of business houses throughout Omaha to encourage co- operation in the search for part-time work for students is made at least once annually, and very effective connections are thus estab- lished. A systematic card file system, filed yearly is maintained. The list is taken in numerical order. Likewise, the rooming house service provides the students with suitable rooms at reasonable prices. The list of rooming places with which each student is presented upon request, insures the roomer of a well-furnished, desirable home for the school year.