How to be a good gay bottom

Tips for Tops: Keep Your Bottom Satisfied With These 6 Tricks of the Trade

Unfortunately, no one showed us the right way to bottom in our high school sexual education class. Begin with dilation: Get yourself an anal trainer kit and start training for dilation two to three times a week for as little as five minutes each time. Use a water-based lubricant and start with the smallest plug.

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Insert just to the point of pressure. Hold it there for a few seconds, then try to engage the muscles. Allow yourself to relax before removing the plug, then re-lubricate and re-insert to the point of pressure. Repeat the process three to five times.

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The key is to remember there are three sets of muscles that need to relax for a successful entry. Think of it as a tunnel, and the entire tunnel needs to be a well-lubed cylinder. If you become stimulated during the process, go for it!

1. Consume high amounts of fiber.

Lube The arse does not produce its own lubrication. The process to becoming a pro at bottoming can be daunting, but it is totally achievable if you follow the above process. Get comfortable, first and foremost, with getting fucked. Enjoy it. I know that my penis is going in the place where I might discover this. This is because they consume a high fiber diet, which cleanses the colon.

Not only is it a pleasurable side effect to your dilation training, but you can start to channel your orgasm anally and begin to gain control over time. Ready for the real thing: Once the engines have been started, the bottom needs to sit on the tip of the penis, allowing control of entry. Use plenty of lubricant and remember the different sets of muscles that need to be released to allow access.

The three-to-five-time rule applies here as well. Being on top of the penis really allows for you to determine your level of comfort. If pain occurs, you can stop, call it a day, and try again another time. Graduating to new positions: Once you have fully received the penis, the last hurdle is to add new positions into the mix, like doggy-style.

Make sure you have mastered receiving to minimize any injury and maximize pleasure.

How Do I Know if I’m a Bottom?

Start with you receiving on top and gaining control of your muscles before moving around to new positons. Injury happens to the best of us: Proper techniques are obviously a must, but even brand-new cars can break down.

A Word of Warning From Writer Alexander Cheves

A gay sex guide for bottoms. Great, read on for all the facts and info on bottoming as well as a debunking of How can I be a good bottom?. You can't be a good lover and you can't experience pleasure for yourself if you're stressed or Follow these tips and be the best bottom you can be!.

This is the one that covers off all the mental and emotional aspects such as making sure you feel safe, making sure there is consent, that you feel comfortable, that you know your own limits and desires. Relaxation is probably the most important factor in enjoying anal stimulation. Not being relaxed enough is the primary cause of pain, because it tenses the anal muscles.

For some of us, we need to actively focus on learning how to relax. Although it is commonly believed that pain in anal sex is a normal and okay part of anal sex, this is not true.

17 Tips for Happier, Healthier Bottoming

Only ever use plain, clean water — preferably body temperature. Douching too much can lead to bowel problems — so you should try to do it no more than times a week. As the bottom you are in control of what happens to your body. Being aware of your body is really important for healthy anal sex and pleasure.

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Paying attention to your body means that you can find out what helps you experience more pleasure too… finding your prostate opens up a world of pleasure to discover. So go explore your arse! Toys, positions… fisting? Sign up here. Learning about your recent HIV positive diagnosis can be a lot to take in, so when your doctor asks you about starting treatment, your first….

As another Mardi Gras rolls around, the tell-tale signs of gay Christmas are in the air. An above average amount of glitter begins to populate….

17 Tips for Happier, Healthier Bottoming

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